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What’s in Store for Mad Men in Season four?

When Mad Men season four returns in the fall, Sterling Cooper will be a whole different world, especially since the Don Draper revolution that moved several employees to a new start up company. The bad news is, some of those who were left behind at Sterling Cooper, might not be returning.

It appears art director Salvatore Romano won’t be back since they didn’t pick up Bryan Batt’s contract for season four. The show’s head honcho, Matt Weiner explained, “I felt it was an expression of the times that he couldn’t work there anymore. [The sticky situation with the Lucky Strike scion was] the ultimate case of sexual harassment.”

Michael Gladis’ hippie intellectual Paul Kinsey might not be back either. According to Paul, “Though I’m flattered and amazed that you’ve taken any interest at all, I just don’t know. You’ll have to watch season four to find out.”

The good news is, Aaron Staton’s character, Ken Cosgrove, is definitely safe. Staton’s contract has been picked up for season four though its still unclear whether he’ll join Sterling Cooper, Draper Pryce or go somewhere else.

Finally, Betty Draper’s trip to Reno was, luckily, not the last we’ll see of her. Weiner said, “I don’t like spoilers, but you will find out that January’s contract has been renewed.” So even though her marriage has ended, her role in the show has not. He added, “She’s [still] raising Don’s kids. And I also feel that she was always in her own show.”

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