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Mad Men Will Jump Forward For Season Three

mad menIt looks like when Mad Men returns to AMC on August 16th, it will be sometime farther in the future than where season two left off. At a cocktail party for TV critics Tuesday night there was one question everyone had for Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, “How much time has passed in between seasons two and three?”

It is in the future from last season, yeah,” is is all Weiner would say. Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper added, “I don’t want to get specific on it, but obviously some time passes.” Aaron Staton, who plays Ken Cosgrove also chimed in saying, “That I’m definitely not supposed to say. … Anything specific, we are encouraged to talk around those sorts of things.”

So now that we know the show moves into the future what else can we expect?

Weiner told critics, “We bring on a lot of new characters” — most prominently Jared Harris as Sterling Cooper’s new financial officer. “They come in throughout the season. … It’s tough because screentime-wise, they can squeeze out some of the regulars and they aren’t getting as much screen time. But I always want this world to be full of conflict and opportunity”

Want to join the cast of Mad Men for season three? Banana Republic is giving away a walk on role in the show and all you have to do is go to any BR store, pick up your casting call code, and send it in with a photo.

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